Surviving the Storm


When we hear the word ‘storm’ an image of a turbulent weather associated with wind and rain, comes to mind.

Many of us are going through some storms in our lives. Storms that come to cause us pain and sorrow. Storms that causes a tear to come to our eyes, as we remember past events, that has brought us to the brink of hopelessness and despair.  Can you imagine the storms raging on and on and no sign of ever stopping?

The Bible states in Matthew 8:24-25, Jesus’ disciples were afraid of the storm that was raging whilst He slept.  They actually thought they were a “goner.”

Although our storm can be almost too hard for us to bear at times, however, a sudden change will occur as you ride out the storm. Don’t perish in your circumstances (storm). Because the greater your mission, the greater your storm will be.

What am I saying?  Life is about storms and turbulence and about surviving it. We are not exempt from them, regardless of stature or age. Storms may come to test your faith and it is no respect of person. I am a witness to it.

When the storm has calmed down and you have kept your head above water, you would now know, that you, my friend, have survived the storm by faith.

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