Easter – The True Meaning

We are now approaching another ‘seasonal’ holiday where the bunnies are out and the eggs are hidden for children to seek out. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

But, in the Body of Christ, should we really be using the name Easter for our Lord’s Death, and Resurrection to fit into the worlds perspective of Easter? Really??

According to Gotquestion.com, the name Easter comes from a tradition in Europe. The Pagan world celebrated a figure called Eastre or Eostre who was a goddess amongst the Saxons of Northern Europe. Although the rabbit or bunny symbolises goddess Eastre’s earthly symbol of fertility, each year we are compromising to suit the world. This  celebration was held to honor her then.  But, in this age, sadly, we are continuing to celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection with Easter and its remnant of the goddess worship is transparent by the commercial it receives.

When I was ‘out in the world’ I embraced the thrills of Easter with no understanding to its meaning. Now as a ‘Born Again’ Christian I am very careful on what I embrace and what we are teaching our children in the Body of Christ.

Someone asked me a question that there are so many Churches using the name Easter for the Resurrection Sunday programs. Non-Believers are getting confused  and we wonder why there is a drop in attendance.

We need to go back to basic; the ‘Word Of God’ and stick to what the Word says without compromising with the world and paganistic ideology. 

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