Its Only a Test!

I believe that every struggles that we face, comes with a purpose.  Purpose that steers us to move towards our greatness!  God’s purpose is not limited to our past. When life gets us down, and I’m sure it sometimes does, and our back is against the wall; look up!

We all fall short sometime, but guess what?  God gently brings us, once again, back in line because we are far from perfect.  Similar to a sheep that has strayed.  Everything that we go through is a test and God knows how much we can handle.  He never gives us more than we can bear.   He knows our destiny, so when we are tested we will come out as pure gold (Job 23:10).  We will remain victorious through adversity.

No weapon formed against us shall prosper, and every tongue that rise up against us in judgement they shall be condemned (Isaiah 54:17).  For His thoughts are not our thoughts, neither are our ways His ways (Isaiah 55:8).  But every word that comes from God’s mouth will not return void, but will accomplish that pleases Him by preparing the things that He has sent (Isaiah 55:11).

We are again encouraged to pray without ceasing and to rejoice always by giving thanks in all circumstances, because this is what is required from us (1 Thessalonian 5:16-18).

When the feeling of worry, fear and discouragement comes, we are to turn our thoughts into prayer and thanksgiving. In everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving we should make our request known to God (Phillippians 4:6).

When we love ourselves, we will see a difference of change in the areas of our lives as well as our prayers. When our situation gets us down, God is up to something because He knows the plans that He has for us. Plans to prosper us and not to harm us and also plans to give us hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).

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