God’s Divine Purpose


Have you ever wonder what it would be like not having a purpose, having no hope?  No hope of fulfillment?

Some years ago, I have often wondered about it.  Questions would always fill my mind,

“Why am I here?” or “What was the purpose of me being here?” 

I remember, when I was not yet a Christian, I would often asked myself those questions. I did not feel as if there was any significant reason to be here; here today and gone tomorrow was my answer.  However, my life journey began to change my perspective on life and on the Creator.

It dawned on me, some years later, that I was actually here for a purpose and that God made it quite clear. He made us for His pleasure and He is worthy for our honour and praise.

“You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honour and power, for You created all things, and by Your will they were created and have their being” (Revelation 4:11)

Sometimes we feel discouraged and rejected by situations and circumstances that becomes our obstacle to move forward. The very obstacle that may come to rob us from the very blessing that God has promised us. 

Last month, I went for a routine checkup and my morning turned out pretty stressful. To cut a long story short, I was, by God’s intervention, began talking to the doctor about our  purpose and faith.  He began to say that many people with little faith are worried about the unknown when they leave this world.

When my time was up, the doctor said that he would begin to practise his faith daily now and after.   I knew at that point there was a purpose for me to be there that afternoon, even though the day had turned out stressful.  I left him knowing that he had a purpose to live, a purpose to know that nothing is done before the time.

Our identity in Christ gives us the understanding of purpose, and His purpose calls us in a unique way.  God’s divine purpose, His love and His favour is what propel us to move closer to Him.

Every struggles that comes our way, comes with a purpose! Purpose that steers or move us to greatness that succeed the plan of God.  His purpose is not defined by our past nor is He limited to our lack of knowledge.

Pay attention to your own work, for then you will get the satisfaction of a job well done, and you will not have the need to compare yourself to anyone else (Galatians 6:4)

When life itself begin to take its toil on us or our back is against the wall, we should only look up!  By looking up it will remind us that we are not far from God and His right hand is holding us up in times of trouble.  

Guess what!  We all fall short of His glory sometimes, but the Good Shepherd will gently bring us, once again, back into line, because we are far from perfect.  But one thing for sure, everything that we may face will act as a test for us to challenge ourselves.

God in His infinite love knows exactly how much we can handle and He knows where, in terms of our destiny, where we need to grow in wisdom. So when we are tested we will, in the end, come out as pure gold if we  stay obedient (Job 23:10).

Another thing came to mind; a mobile phone. Imagine having a mobile still in its box; wrapper and all!   Not being used for the purpose intended;  just sitting in a box.  See, when we sum this up we can now look at this in a analytical sense.  If our purpose are not met and we are not going forward with God’s intention in mind, we will find ourselves stuck in the same box; wrapper and all.

No growth or knowledge cannot be sustainable in a closed box.  Once out of the box the full purpose of what your life was meant to be used for, will now be open to be used for His glory.

We have to also take God out of the box, in order to receive our blessings.  By taking God out of the box our purpose and our lack of knowledge will be strengthened according to His Word.

So, no matter what life throws at us today, we will, we shall, remain victorious and stand strong in Christ.  We serve a great God because He IS our strong Tower and many who run to it are saved.

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