Are you, your biggest fear?


Oops! Did I just say that?

Throughout our lives we have had to deal with fear. How we deal with it is another whole ball game. Fear can become challenging, life draining and often times life threatening. It can also keep you stricken and cause you to lose good opportunities, relationships and marriage.

It can also cripple and paralyse you and may stop you from moving forward.  Guess what the biggest fear may be YOU!

Why do I say this?  We can rely on our instincts and emotions, but underneath we become fearful of ourself and our perception on how people view us.

Often in some circumstances, fear begins with a trauma or something trivalent on the background and surroundings of where we are at the time.

Five things we should use to False Evidence Appearing Real (F.EA.R) out of our lives for good:

1. Be conscientious of the fear that dictate how you are, who you are

2. Identify the specific fears that cause you not to move forward

3. Find out the thoughts and actions that determine where the fear started – the roots

4. Look at the ‘now’ season and what is lacking that you can identify

5. Putting your thought down on paper helps you to illuminate the fears that control you.

Finding solutions and ways that we can eliminate fear is up to you. The longer you ignore it the harder it will be for you to move forward  and enjoy.

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