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Are you willing to walk away from past mistakes? What are you ready to walk away from today?

There are many decisions you have to cope with every day, and some can be difficult to manage. Finding the right choices can become overwhelming, especially when you don’t know how to make the right one. When you are given the right opportunity to excel beyond your wildest dreams, nothing can stop you from moving forward.

What you’re willing to walk away from today will determine what God can rely on you for. In His willingness to entrust you, God wants to be sure that you are steadfast in your determination to walk away from that you have chosen to surrender with no regrets.

No matter how hard life can become, keep pushing, keep it moving and ‘keep the pages turning,‘ but importantly, hold on to your God-given purpose. As you turn the pages delicately and precisely, remain faithful to the end. You may not have the prize that is before you right now, but you will receive it in the future with no delay. The challenge will be great, but greater the reward at the end of the race!

Keep your vision alive. Your idea will keep you alive! Guard your heart against people or those in your circle. It’s what you allow to accept that will eventually hurt you. Be mindful of those around you, who may go out of their way to poke holes in your boat. Don’t allow water in your boat. ‘All the water in the sea won’t drown you as long as it doesn’t get into the boat.’ If you want to obtain the prize, be willing to pay the price!’

Paul the Apostle penned the words of encouragement in Phillippians 3:14, to those who are runners of the faith. Those who stand at all cost when the storm of life becomes so overwhelming will receive the prize.

The race is not for the swift but for those who can endure it to the end!” (Ecclesiastes 9:11). But I press toward the mark for the prize of the High calling of God in Christ Jesus.

At one point in your life, you may have taken part in a running competition with other competitors.

On your mark, Get set, Go!

Running has now taken place and in motion. Everyone is focusing on the winning prize they will receive at the end of the race. Each has a focus; a focus to win and nothing will stand in their way!

We know that in a race all runners run, but guess what?
Only one runner will get the prize! There is only one winner!

Today, run in such a way that you receive the prize. Run to win in 2019!

Runners focus on the winning goal. By focusing on the prize, it prevents distraction and stumbling from other competitors. The forward momentum should be your focus and not your past mistakes. When you focus on past mistakes, you lose focus. Your thoughts and vision will prevent you from obtaining the prize. Have a clear goal, and a fresh mindset to walk away from the past. Focus, focus, focus!

That’s it! It’s not rocket science! Maintain your vision for 2019! Make it a year to move forward. Focus on what you can do today. Live each waking moment with new ideas, new beginnings and run with it, but focus on the prize.

Paul’s runner analogy tell you that you should move forward and focus on Christ and not to lose progress in following Him. Avoid losing ground, even if you don’t feel your gaining it, but focus on what has already been received.

‘When you know God has promised you something, it gives you strength to overcome things other’s cannot.

What are you focusing on today?

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