Born For Greatness

Have you ever felt that you were born to be more than you are right now?
Sometimes worry can prevent us from achieving better. We can strive for perfection, but it is not always a good thing to always rely on other people’s judgement. When people show us who they are, we have to believe them. What they say to you is important. Listen carefully to what they are trying to tell you.

So many times, we have noticed red flags other people have shown us, who are generally depicting their negative intentions, which we are not aware of. But in reality, we sometimes ignore the signs to avoid disappointment. Disappointments that we created for ourselves sometimes do not add value to ourselves but devalue who we are as a person.
Looking for others to justify our values only lead us to a life of relying on people’s perspective of us.

We always want to see other people in a different light, but maybe we are seeing too much of who they are, and sometimes we are afraid to judge them, in case we are wrong. 

The world is full of problems and everywhere we turn, there is always something happening in the world. Despite what is happening around you, don’t allow negative thoughts to cloud your mind. Finding who we are and loving ourselves is the only option we can choose to keep it moving. We were born for greatness, to excel and expand on the knowledge that we can move up another level to the purpose at hand.

Are you happy where you are in life or are you holding back on the limiting beliefs that you were not born for greatness? What we think and believe in ourselves are the only premises that will allow us not to reach our goals. Our belief system let us act out what our thoughts are saying to us in our minds. We begin, if we allow it, to believe them as if it is a reality.
Our interpretation of who we are is the reflection of our surroundings and how we were raised. 

Sometimes what we hold about ourselves may not be the correct picture of who we really are, but an interpretation of someone else, our parents, media or our co-workers. However, this can be a conflicting interpretation that we have experienced in the past but allowed ourselves to create a belief system that misinterpretation who we really are. Do not allow someone else’s judgement to cloud your values of who you are. 

Born for greatness is who you are, and no one has the right to tell you any different, but you. The statement is as real as the day we held on to negative beliefs about ourselves, and life continues to pass us by. When we make a conscious decision to move forward and be who we were created to be, we will see a shift in the way we see ourselves.

As we spend our days thinking about how, when, what, we should do, and how we can get to the next level, we can find ourselves going around the full circle if we do not believe that greatness is who we are!
You and I are two examples of an observer and a perceiver. We can continue to view life as an observer and become a victim of society or we can be a perceiver who is motivated and focused. 

We have the choice to observe or perceive. We can opt to ignore the negative thought we so often entertain, or we can choose create a space for us to grow. What will you choose today?

In the past, I have had many awkward moments where I found it hard to shift from my personal beliefs which have been a ‘comfort zone’ home for me. Letting go and seeing myself as ‘born for greatness’ did not come overnight, but took a lot of commitment and determination to move away from the limited belief system which I created. I had to push past many barriers to overcome obstacles I faced along my journey of wholesome. I began to invest in myself enhancing my personal growth. A growth that I have achieved through a different avenue of life. I had the option to choose to ignore or expand who I allow in my personal space.

Life will only change when you become more committed to your goals than you are in your comfort zone.” Make that commitment this year, because this year is your year for growth.

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